Hosted VoIP and Business Phone Systems near Kent, Essex, Sussex and London

Hosted VoIP

Our hosted VoIP solution is more than capable of supporting one VoIP telephone to 20 handsets over a dedicated ADSL broadband line. Our hosted VoIP solution can be deployed rapidly. Find out about the benefits of our hosted VoIP platform today?

VoIP Business Phone Systems

Our VoIP telephone systems for SMEs are perfect if you need a more complete VoIP PBX systems. Our onsite VoIP system can support 1 to 100 extensions as well as more advanced call routing, IVR and voicemail to email services.

Broadband for VoIP

VoIP needs a reliable connection to the internet. We can install a dedicated ADSL broadband connection at your office or satellite office. We can provide ADSL2+ as well as Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC).

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Find out how you could start saving money today by switching from a traditional phone system to a VoIP telephony system.

Hosted VoIP

Supported VoIP Hardware

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We provide and support a wide range of VoIP telephone systems and equipment including; Cisco, Polycom, Asterisk and FreePBX.

We Install and Manage Hosted VoIP & Business Telephone Systems

We provide VoIP telephony solutions for small to medium sized companies around Kent, Sussex, Essex and London. Our onsite VoIP phone systems are powered by either Cisco hardware or Asterisk. Our hosted VoIP platform is perfect for small to medium sized offices. If you would like to know how much your company could save by moving your central office service to a VoIP telephony solution, why not contact us for some invaluable advice.

VoIP phone systems bring your business many benefits. These include cheaper calls, as well as the ability to remote workers connect to the office as if they were still at the office. All you need is high speed internet and  a VoIP phone to get started. Calls are routed over the internet instead of your standard telephone line.